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FT Three3 D8 Series Bluetooth V4.0 


The FT Three3® D8 Series Bluetooth V4.0 marks a New Era in the development of Bluetooth Headsets and Microphones. The CSR8640 Chip gives this Bluetooth Headset one of the best sound experiences in its class. Never before has an affordable Bluetooth Headset given its user so much control and comfort. The FT Three3® D8 Series comes standard with Omni Directional Earplugs which are Hygiene Friendly and made of non-corrosive material for sanitary purposes and includes but are not limited to the following functions: Hands Free technology, Multi Point Functionality, Voice Dialing, Three Party Calling, Password Protection and More. Stylish and Durable with a Variety of Colors. This Bluetooth Headset is sure to fit conveniently into your life. Not to mention gives you years of service under normal usage and conditions.

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